Hair Colorist

There is such a thing as a “color expert” and Annie’s long list of loyal customers will prove she is just that, an expert. The right hair colorist can really improve your look and fixing a bad color takes skill and expertise in order to preserve the health of your hair. Beyond the city of Costa Mesa, Annie Gill is one of the best hair colorists in Southern California and her philosophy is to go above and beyond for her clients. As a dedicated professional,  Annie Gill understands that the art of hair coloring requires ongoing education and training to keep her skills at the top of her industry. She will make sure your desired color can and will be achieved without damaging your hair.

Annie Gill provides effective results by listening first. A great hair colorist will listen to your desired color requests and deliver realistic feedback as not to disappoint.Annie will work to get you the best style and color that will make you sparkle.

As a hair colorist, Annie Gill offers outstanding results due to her extensive experience and creativity. Her hair cutting and coloring techniques are at the level of celebrity stylists. She has been a hair colorist for many years and knows innovative application methods to get  amazing color results.

Whatever your need, hair colorist Annie Gill can help you get the color and look you want. From applying a base to cover gray hair, to adding dimension with highlights she has you covered.

Annie Gill has over 15 years of experience as a hair colorist and has a cult following by her customers, drawing them from hours away. Don’t hesitate to email or call Annie Gill with your hair coloring questions. Not only has she been recognized as a top hair colorist on sites like The Knot and The Wedding Channel, but she treats you like a friend, not just a client. You will get to know the hair colorist Annie Gill and she will get to know you as well.