How Much Time And How Many Treatments To Achieve Laser Hair Removal Results

Laser hair removal has gained massive popularity for several reasons over the past several years. One reason this is happening is because the cost is dropping and making it more affordable and price competitive with shaving and waxing several times a year.

The second reason for this bump in popularity is there are several at home devices for hair removal (specifically the Tria laser device) which is drawing more attention to permanent hair removal.

These at home laser devices and hair removal items try to achieve the same results as you’d get at a professional laser skin care clinic, but of course for less money. Of course the results are rarely as stellar using a small device at home as you would get from a commercial grade machine, but none the less their popularity is huge right now.

So what do you need to know about laser hair removal before you sign-up for treatments?

It takes time

Getting the best permanent results possible does take some time. Unfortunately due to the way laser hair removal works you cannot go in and in one day come out hair free for good. It can take 4-8 sessions spread out every 4-8 weeks to achieve close to permanent hair removal.

Why so many and so long?

The hair on your body is not all growing at the same speed or even growing all at the same time for that matter. However those other follicles that aren’t currently growing hair will be unaffected.

By giving your body four to eight weeks for those other follicles to enter growth stage you’ll be able to return and have another treatment session which will remove those hairs from your body.

The number of treatments each person requires varies on the darkness of their skin and hair as well as the thickness of their hair and the particular area they want to have treated.

Side Effects or Risks?

Laser hair removal has been evaluated in the US and Canada by their respective health agencies and it has been cleared as safe. There are no long-term health risks known to be associated with having laser hair removal done to your body. There are however some shorter term side effects that most men and women will experience including slight rashes, redness and slight burning in the area where treated.

There are newer lasers being developed all the time which minimize the pain and after effects of having treatments and likely in the near future side effects will be close to none. These side effects can be treated with aloe based gels and lotions that are alcohol free (the alcohol will cause burning).

Starting Treatments

It’s important that you speak with a professional prior to starting your own laser hair removal treatments. The majority of clinics and medispas such as Hair Removal Halifax will provide men and women interested in their services with a free consult. Clinics use this as a way of educating prospective clients on how treatments are done, what they can expect, how many treatments they might need and also answer any questions you might have.

Permanent Hair Removal Perth – Ultrasound vs. Laser

If you’re worried by excess hair on parts of your body you will need help from a really good permanent hair removal Perth company. Excess hair has long been a difficulty, not only for men but also for girls, and people are ready to go to great lengths in order to get rid of it from certain places. Ladies tend to focus on the face, chest, underarms and pubic area while men tend to want hair removed from their ears, backs and even shoulders. You may first have to choose whether you want to use tried and tested laser hair removal or ultrasound that has been introduced latterly.

Most permanent hair removing Perth salons offer laser treatment since it is fairly effective. Nevertheless this method doesn’t work best if the hair to be removed is very pale or if your skin is extremely dark. People with dark skin tend to get flamed by lasers since pigment has the power to absorb its energy. Since light hair lacks pigment it does not get affected by lasers. The other problem is that this treatment is reasonably unpleasant. Given it takes approximately 10 sessions over 6 weeks to remove all hair, you’ll actually have to go through rather a lot of discomfort.

Ultrasound treatment is becoming actually popular nowadays because it doesn’t cause any pain to your skin. At worst, it feels like the hairs are being plucked out individually. In addition, it works on all types of hair and types of skin since pigment does not have any role to play in the success or failure of the process. Since your skin doesn’t get mistreated due to ultrasound hair removal, you do not have to stay clear of the sun in order to protect your skin. Nonetheless the difficulty with this treatment is it is pretty lengthy. Also , it isn’t counseled if you have a lot of hair to be removed. You might then try a mix of both the techniques.

There is absolutely little question that laser has had its day and that ultrasound will be more in demand. Make sure that the permanent hair removal Perth company that you approach for help offers you ultrasound treatment. You’ll be able to be free of your excess hairs within one or two months and will be able to face the world confidently.

Article By Rizvana Abdul.