Under Eye Circles Getting Rid Of These Using Carboxytherapy

Carboxytherapy is a good treatment for under eye circles that works by using Carbon Dioxide gas in order to boost blood circulation within the delicate under-eye region. Carboxytherapy could be implemented in some other ways as well as an effective treatment for stretch marks, scarring and cellulite.

Carboxytherapy was first used in French Health spas in the Thirties as it was discovered the carbon dioxide loaded mineral water within the health spa pools sped up healing of wounds.

The circles below the eyes can be triggered simply because blood circulation inside the network of very small capillaries below the eyes is not really doing its job effectively. This could be as a result of a blockage in the usual draining of tears from the eyes in to the nose which in turn causes blood circulation to pool in the under eye region producing a bluish-black hue that can end up being noticed through the skin. There are plenty of explanations for the inadequate draining of tears, but generally, it is because of allergies for instance hayfever, dog allergies or even an injury such as a broken nose.

Carboxytherapy treatment is one of the methods regularly used to take care of indications of aging within the eye region, in addition to such over the counter remedies such as Revitol Eye Cream and you could read through a review by following the link supplied.

Carboxytherapy treatment for under eye circles consists of inserting quite small amounts of carbon dioxide directly into under eye region. This has the benefit of stimulating your body to take extra much needed oxygen into the region inside the bloodstream as well as ‘mopping up’ the surplus carbon dioxide.

Carboxytherapy treatment for under eye circles is effective in two ways, to begin with it increases the system of very small capillaries located inside the lower eye lids needed to take more oxygen to the region and the second thing is it increases collagen located inside the skin of your under eye region and that has the effect of plumping up the hollows which can develop there. Because blood inside the under eye region is not really moving effectively, it doesn’t contain adequate dissolved oxygen in it so that it has got this bluish tinge. Because the skin underneath the eyes is thin and gets thinner as our bodies age, the bluish tinge can seem more marked.

Improving blood circulation and enhancing the system of capillaries replaces the bluish tinge with a considerably healthier (and far healthier looking) pink. Improving collagen formation inside the lower eye lids and in consequence, thickening the layer in between capillaries and the surface, makes that system of capillaries significantly less visible through the skin too.

A series of treatments spread out around a week apart, each one lasting approximately fifteen minutes is needed and once completed the effects should last at least 6 months. Each treatment consists of inserting small volumes of carbon dioxide through a special needle. Your skin is numbed therefore the procedure is not uncomfortable though the region below the eyes can feel puffy for a brief period up until the gas can be absorbed. There is certainly not generally any sort of bruising when treating this undereye region.

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